Dashboard Camera Reviews

Dam Cam Reviews Welcome to Dash Cam Online! We're the top resource for Dash Camera reviews and new Dash Cam product news online. Are you shopping for a new dashboard camera but aren't exactly sure which model is the best? We'll help you shop for the perfect dash cam and accessories for you and find the best dashboard camera for your car.

How to Choose The Best Dash Cam for Your Car
So you're shopping for a dashboard camera, what features should you look for?

Video Resolution and Quality
One of the most important features in a dash cam is the resolution and quality of the camera. The clarity and quality of the video being captured is very important. If your dash cam has very low quality the footage will be hard to review and use in case you have to prove your case in court. Cheaper cameras with (640x480) resolution won't have much detail. You would want a resolution of 1080p or higher, which is 1920x1080

Why you need a dashboard camera

Why you need a dashboard cameraWell, apparently cameras are one of the most used technological devices today and are basically used in just about anything. In this age when social media is prominent, people just want to take pictures of themselves or anything around them, post them on social media sites or keep them for prosperity’s sake. We use cameras... Read More »

Truck Flies off Freeway into Honda Dealership

Truck Flies off Freeway into Honda DealershipHere’s a perfect example as to why road rage is a bad idea. The driver of this truck in a fit of road rage loses control on the 15 freeway in Fontana, California, he then hits another car which spins out and then flies off the freeway and into a Honda dealership. Just another reason... Read More »

Bangkok Explosion Caught on a Dash Cam

Bangkok Explosion Caught on a Dash CamRecently Bangkok, Thailand was rocked with explosions that killed at least 27 people and injured well over 100 people at near the Erawan shrine. New footage was posted recently on YouTube that caught the moment of the explosion on a dashboard camera. Pretty scary how huge the explosion... Read More »

Two Trucks Crash and Explode Caught on Dash Cam

Two Trucks Crash and Explode Caught on Dash CamCheck out this crazy footage caught on a dash cam in Russia of two trucks crashing head on into each other on the highway. Check out the full video... Read More »

Mini 0805 Dash Cam Review

Mini 0805 Dash Cam ReviewFocus your attention on the Mini 0805 Dash Cam, the latest addition to the famous Mini 080x series from SplashETech. This dashboard camera is the world’s smallest with a remarkably improved video quality. The Mini 0805 is equipped with a screen Ambarella chip (A7A50) full HD car video recorder, a DVR Car Cam and a... Read More »

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera Review

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera ReviewThe KDLINKS X1 is a full  high definition car dashboard camcorder which has an excellent 1920 x 1080 resolution and is packed with features. It’s relatively new dash cam and is a very popular option and has had many stellar reviews from users. This camcorder has a wide 165-degree angle scope with reliable GPS, highly... Read More »

G1W Full HD 1080P Dashboard Cam Review

G1W Full HD 1080P Dashboard Cam ReviewThe G1W Full HD Black Box is a superb budget dash cam with 1080p resolution at a very affordable price. The device uses an excellent combination of the Novatek NT96650 chipset and Aptina AR0330 lens. The G1W Full HD 1080P H.26 dash cam is simple to set up and can be easily attached to a... Read More »

Beer Kegs Fall Off Truck Caught on Dash Cam

Beer Kegs Fall Off Truck Caught on Dash CamHave you ever driven down the road and almost hit a few beer kegs? No? This driver stumbled upon a few kegs that fell off the back of a delivery truck and were rolling down the road. Later you see the delivery driver running back to retrieve his lost inventory. On a side note check... Read More »

Shootout In Chicago Caught On Dashcam

Shootout In Chicago Caught On DashcamRemember that gun fight that was caught on a dash cam we posted recently? Here’s another shootout that was caught on a dashcam in Chicago. This video is much clearer, the shootout was at the 4400 block of West Gunnison Street, near North Kenneth Avenue in Chicago, Il. You can’t see who the shooter is... Read More »

Dashcam Captures Plane Crash on I-285 in Georgia

Check out this remarkable footage of a plane crash that was captured by a Chamblee police cars dashcam off the I-285 in Atlanda, Georgia recently. Unfortunately four people and the family’s dog died in the... Read More »

Driver with KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam Catches Red Light Runner

Driver with KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam Catches Red Light RunnerWow, check out this horrible driver that was caught on a KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam. You can see they actually stopped, then when the light turned red for their lanes the driver intentionally ran the light almost causing an accident. It was all caught on the drivers KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam, check out our review of... Read More »