G1W Full HD 1080P Dashboard Cam Review


The G1W Full HD Black Box is a superb budget dash cam with 1080p resolution at a very affordable price. The device uses an excellent combination of the Novatek NT96650 chipset and Aptina AR0330 lens. The G1W Full HD 1080P H.26 dash cam is simple to set up and can be easily attached to a flat surface. Upon insertion of the Micro SD card and plugging of the camera in the dashboard, the G1W Full HD is ready to go.

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G1W Full HD Dash Cam Features
G1W Dash Cam features a full 1080p high-density recording resolution at a steady 30-FPS and 720p at 60-FPS. Moreover, it is equipped with LED night vision as well as an automatic motion detector.
The genuine G1W full HD dash cam uses an exclusive Novatek NT96650 chipset along with an Aptina AR0330 Lens that delivers high definition video compression and smooth image processing. These the device does at low power consumption.

G1W Full HD 1080P Dashboard Camera

The unit is simple to set-up and easy to use. It has an auto-start feature and on-spot playback through a 2.7-inch wide screen LCD-HD. In addition, it has a WDR 140-degree wide angle 4-times zoom lens and a 5.0 Megapixel camera. The G-Sensor enabled recording is activated during sudden braking, rapid acceleration, an impact or sharp cornering. The modern swivel ball suction cup provides the means to attach the unit to any flat surface.


G1W Full HD Dash Cam Specifications
• Price: $51 See latest prices on Amazon.com
• The chipset is Novatek NT96650 plus Aptina AR0330 Lens;
• The sensor is 3M CMOS;
• The night video is an Enhanced LED light that features LED night vision; 140-degree ultra wide angle lens having 4-times digital zoom; wide dynamic technology;
• The screen is a 2.7-inch high resolution TFT LCD;
• The video resolution is 1920 x 1080p High Density at 30fps and 1280 x 720 at 60fps;
• Equipped with advanced H.264 video compression technology;
• The photo specification is 5.0 mega pixels, JPEG file format;
• The device has HDMI cable support;
• The memory is a 32G Micro SD card;
• The video output is HDMI, AV-out, MPEG-4 MOV-AV (SVBS) composite/HDMI output (NTSC/PAL);
• The audio is a built-in microphone/speaker;
• The device has a motion detector and electronic shutter;
• The battery is a 3.7v, 250mAh.


G1W Full HD Dash Cam Review and Pros and Cons
The G1W Full HD Dash Cam is the right size to be hidden in front of the rear view mirror. The quality of the video is excellent. However, the device tends to have a reduced viewing angle; one would consider the 720p at 30fps for 120-degree viewing angle. It can easily identify license plates, but the quality is reduced at night. The suction cup may need a few tries before it can be attached. The G1W Full HD Dash Cam can also be used as PC webcam.

Concerning the setting, it is wise not to choose “Restore Factory Default” because the device will also restore the Cyrillic language setting and it may take some time to bring it back to English. The device has an outstanding video performance with selection between 720 and 1080. It delivers outstanding video on 720-selection for nine hours.

The G1W Full HD Dash Cam is a compact dash cam, which can be concealed completely behind the rearview mirror. The device is capable of recording in MicroSD media. The power adapter cord is long enough to be sufficiently concealed along the headliner down towards the door seal into the socket of a cigarette lighter. The unit automatically turns on whenever the car starts and that is an excellent feature. The dash cam has a true 120-degree field view, which is essential especially during situations that may involve another vehicle. The cam can be set to record in 10 minutes blocks in order for the memory card to fill itself and be able to delete the old file.

The G1W Full HD is an excellent dash cam and can take clear pictures. The power source and the cable are of good quality as well. One drawback of the device is that the instruction manual is highly inadequate. The manual lacks the essential English which tends to make it difficult to follow instructions when operating the cam. The good however, is that this concern has been addressed recently by the distributors.

The G1W Full HD Dash Cam is a superior 1080p dash cam that combines the technology of the Novatek NT96650 chipset and Aptina AR0330 lens. The device can be easily set up by mounting the unit on a flat surface; insert the Micro SD card; and plug the camera in on the dashboard and you are good to go. The device automatically initiates when the vehicle does.
The dash cam records continuously through looping. The 2.7-inch high-resolution LCD screen plays back on camera directly. The data is always intact for the user’s viewing and protection. The G1W Full HD compact Dash Cam is definitely the best dash cam that you will ever need.

Where to Buy

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