KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera Review


The KDLINKS X1 is a full  high definition car dashboard camcorder which has an excellent 1920 x 1080 resolution and is packed with features. It’s relatively new dash cam and is a very popular option and has had many stellar reviews from users. This camcorder has a wide 165-degree angle scope with reliable GPS, highly sensitive G-Sensor and an outstanding night mode capability. Read our full review of the KDLINKS X1 below.

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The KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camera has an infinite video looping mode with automatic on and off feature. This video device works automatically even without any human intervention. The KDLINKS X1 camcorder is equipped with an excellent night-vision through its high quality f1.6 six-glass lenses together with the exceptional wide dynamic range (WDR) video system, this is similar to HDR technology used in cameras. You can see a example of the night vision in a video below.

The built-in GPS component of the KDLINKS X1 perfectly records GPS information into video clips. The module assists the users to verify the vehicle’s location, speed and route through Google Maps using the device’s player software. Additionally, the Emergency Lock button together with the Accident Automatic detection sensor feature can easily lock the current video file for the user’s information.The KDLINKS X1 is provided with a reliable Li-polymer battery capable of bearing high and low temperatures to address the safety feature of the dashboard camcorder. The battery is authenticated with the MSDS report and certified under the strict PONY Lab standards.

KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam Specifications 
• Retail Price: $169.95 See latest prices on Amazon.com
• Full-HD Video 1920×1080 video at 30fps.
• Super wide 165° viewing camera angle.
• Has an endless looping mode and auto ON and OFF mode.
• Excellent night vision with a f1.6 six-glass lens.
• Built-in GPS module that allows you to check your location and speed on Google Maps.


The KDLINKS X1 features numerous advance solutions that are useful to drivers. The X1 camera immediately initiates video recording after the ignition is turned off. The device is equipped with a night mode system to ensure high quality video recording at night and even under poor lighting conditions. Additionally, the WDR system ensures that all the details are captured with the use of an F1.6 camera lens. Therefore, with all the advance features of the KDLINKS X1 put together, the video outcome is smooth and detailed quality.

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The following enumerates the good points of the KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camcorder:
• The picture quality of the KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camcorder is outstanding, especially during nighttime.
• The KDLINKS X1 has a wide angle view and the device is incredibly light.
• The camcorder is simple to use, easy to setup and boots up quickly.
• The KDLINKS X1 is reasonably priced considering the best features of the camcorder such as the GPS logger, G sensor and its outstanding video performance especially at night.
• The camcorder has huge, bright and really clear LCD screen.

The USB power port of the dashboard camcorder is in its proper location especially if the same is mounted behind the rearview mirror of the vehicle. The power wire can be easily tucked along a pillar of the car and the roof panel. One may choose to mount the device near the dashboard where the USB port is in a strategic position either in the bottom or on the side.

The KDLINKS X1 is an affordable, high quality car dashboard camcorder. It is the proof that big things can come in small packages. The camcorder has attractive packaging and the product quality is extended along with its great features, convenience and safety. Moreover, a software compact disc allows the installation of the program the Driving Record Player, which allows the driver to easily access the files recorded by the KDLINKS X1.

The video recorded can be played back at 1080p resolution and you will be able to see the vehicle’s speed and the distance traveled. The GPS on the other hand, is responsible in coordinating the trip and another feature shows the route on a map displayed in a separate window. A date/time stamp is available, which, just like the other features of the camcorder, that the user can choose to turn on or off. Additionally, the KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camcorder can be switched to photo mode if the driver wishes to take stills having choices from ten possible settings. Such a feature makes the device highly flexible under any given conditions.


The GPS 3.5mm is being forced to bend a bit because it has been placed closer to the suction mount base of the camera. The product description is incorrect concerning batteries; they may not be required at all and are not necessarily user-replaceable. Some may have difficulty in figuring out that the micro SD, 8GB is placed inside an SD card adapter. It would be better if the company made it clear on the packaging. Another thing about the battery; the KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camcorder uses a battery with low capacity, which is a safety concern. However, the battery lasts only for about 30 to 60 seconds. The price may be a downside to some consumers as well, at almost $170 this dash cam isn’t exactly budget friendly.

In order to view the video on a personal computer, you take out the card and use an SD Reader to transfer the files. Although it is quite hard to decide the more important function, one may choose the safety concerns ahead of other things. That being said however, we don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off with this camera. It packs quite a punch for the price.

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Video Quality
Below are some good examples of the amazing full-HD video quality of the KDLINKS X1.

KDLINKS X1 daytime video sample:

KDLINKS X1 night time video sample:

The KDLINKS X1 car dashboard camera is a sleek video recorder at 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is useful day or night. It has a GPS feature that records GPS data, and checks the vehicle’s location. The KDLINKS X1 has several other advanced features that render the device truly helpful in video recording for safety concerns when driving. While it is more expensive than many other dashboard cameras, we feel the video quality and specs make it a great option.

Where to Buy
The KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera is available on Amazon with Free Shipping

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