Mini 0805 Dash Cam Review

mini 0805 dash cam

Focus your attention on the Mini 0805 Dash Cam, the latest addition to the famous Mini 080x series from SplashETech. This dashboard camera is the world’s smallest with a remarkably improved video quality. The Mini 0805 is equipped with a screen Ambarella chip (A7A50) full HD car video recorder, a DVR Car Cam and a GPS sensor attached in the foot of the camera.

Product Features and Specifications

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-The Mini 0805 Dash Cam runs at high resolution (e.g. 2304×1296 30fps, 2560×1080 30fps, 1920×1080 45fps or 30fps), which delivers outstanding video quality in both day and night time. The quality of the night video is particularly impressive because of the WDR Super Night Vision.

– The screen of the Mini 0805 measures only 1.5-inches and weighs 62-grams. This mini dashboard camera is configured with the best Ambarella A7LA50 chip – processor and Omnivision OV4689 sensor that deliver excellent images.

– The users can have support route tracking using a detachable GPS module and just like any other advanced dashboard camera, the Mini 0805 performs loop recording, has date/time/speed stamp as well as an automatic on and off function. Moreover, the dash cam has support for motion detection, gravity detection (G-sensor) and also has a GPS logger.

– Additionally, it is complete with a Lane Departure warning system (LDWS) and Forward Collision warning system (FCWS), which makes the camera an effective tool for the driver’s protection and safety on the road.

– The Mini 0805 dash cam supports effective and longer recording with the use of a memory card with up to 128GB. It can record over 19 hours of video coverage at the rate of 13 Mbps. The bit rate may actually vary depending on the preferred video resolution and feature. This dashboard camera is also equipped with an internal microphone and speaker.

– The Mini 0805 is powered by a Li-polymer battery 3.7V/320mAh and the device runs cooler compared to the earlier models, which reduces the issue of overheating. The feature makes the camera more reliable even in warm climates.


Mini 0805 Dash Cam Pros and Cons

The Pros
The Mini 0805 Dash Cam is considered one of the smallest HD video recorders. It is mountable on the car’s windshield and performs video recording with audio and it is GPS capable. Since the cam uses a typical micro USB cable to record to a micro SD card for cars, it can be used to for general purpose recordings as well. This video recorder extends several options including loop recording, stops recording when the disk is full, option to record at all times or only record if motion is detected, recording of car speed and GPS data, video quality and others. The camera records video in full HD 1080p resolution and the quality is outstanding. Furthermore, it captures the view using 120-degree wide-angle lens.

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The Mini 0805 customer interface is user friendly and simple to use and the manual is helpful for learning how to access the menus in order to set the user’s preferences. It is as easy as holding down the button (up) for a few seconds and the appearing up and down arrows shows how to manipulate the menus and the ok button finalizes the selection.

The Mini 0805 dash cam is a safer unit which can be credited to the upgraded A7LA50 chip and the remarkable heat dispersion feature. The design of the device is compact and elegant, which is an excellent combination of innovation and fashion. The unit is easily adaptable to any type of car and simple to install.
The captured videos and photos can be readily viewed anytime and anywhere using the 1.5-inch screen that has six layers of glass lenses with superior transmittance and definition.

The Cons
The Mini 0805 Dash Cam package does not include the micro SD card and a class 6 card is recommended by the manufacturer. The class 4 card seems acceptable, but the class 10 card may cause some problems. The 32G micro SD card is the maximum card that can be used.
The only option to attach this dashboard camera is by permanent mounting. The camera has no screw, and it will adhere permanently to the car using a sticky adhesive tape. Furthermore, the dash cam is basically two independent pieces; it is troublesome to get the dashboard camera off the mount because of the possible ripping or weakening of the adhesive. If the user intends to download the files regularly, it is highly recommended not to remove the dash cam, but try popping out the micros SD card instead. The process is simpler and more convenient.

It would have been good to have a screw mounting option for convenience if the user decides to attach the camera to another location or mount it to a different car. The mounting is only one sided that the user cannot balance the camera on the dashboard as is.
The possible improvement to make the mounting of Mini 0805 dash cam more creative and flexible is the provision of a quick-release plate or using a small suction cup with a locking lever. These options are minimal in nature and effective, which do not need extra machining.

Mini 0805 Dashboard Camera Quality

Below are some good examples of the amazing full-HD video quality of the Mini 0805.
Mini 0805 daytime video sample:

Mini 0805 nighttime video sample:


The Mini 0805 Dash Cam is an outstanding addition to the Mini 080x series. The device has a highly reliable processor and improved lens that delivers excellent video at all times. It is designed with a 1.5-inch screen and an optional GPS sensor that is incorporated in the foot of the camera. The video quality of this dashboard cam is outstanding in the daytime and most impressive during night time.
Overall, the Mini 0805 is a remarkable dashboard camera in capturing essential photo and video footage that can be helpful for the user’s guidance and safety.

Where to buy

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