Dashboard Camera Reviews

Dam Cam Reviews Welcome to Dash Cam Online! We're the top resource for Dash Camera reviews and new Dash Cam product news online. Are you shopping for a new dashboard camera but aren't exactly sure which model is the best? We'll help you shop for the perfect dash cam and accessories for you and find the best dashboard camera for your car.

How to Choose The Best Dash Cam for Your Car
So you're shopping for a dashboard camera, what features should you look for?

Video Resolution and Quality
One of the most important features in a dash cam is the resolution and quality of the camera. The clarity and quality of the video being captured is very important. If your dash cam has very low quality the footage will be hard to review and use in case you have to prove your case in court. Cheaper cameras with (640x480) resolution won't have much detail. You would want a resolution of 1080p or higher, which is 1920x1080

Daytime Gunfight Caught on Dashcam

Daytime Gunfight Caught on DashcamSometimes people with dashcams just driving down the street catch things on camera that have nothing to do with what’s on the street in front of them. This video posted by the Hamilton Police in Canada shows a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto that shows a gun fight in the middle of the... Read More »

The Rise of the Dashboard Camera

The Rise of the Dashboard CameraIf you’re on this site right now it’s probably because you’re looking into a dash cam. It seems like in the recent years the popularity of dashboard cameras has boomed, and for good reason. Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself from fraud cases, theft, and vandalism. They can be used in court... Read More »

Dashcam Catches Muscle Car Losing Back Axle

Dashcam Catches Muscle Car Losing Back AxleCheck out this dashcam footage that was posted on YouTube, it caught a modified Dodge Dart in Stony Plain, Canada lose its rear axle. The people in the car that got the footage seem to think it’s hilarious, I bet the ordeal was pretty scary for the driver of the Dodge Dart... Read More »

Best Dash Cams Of 2015

Best Dash Cams Of 2015Coming... Read More »

Why you need a dashboard camera

Why you need a dashboard cameraWell, apparently cameras are one of the most used technological devices today and are basically used in just about anything. In this age when social media is prominent, people just want to take pictures of themselves or anything around them, post them on social media sites or keep them for prosperity’s sake. We use cameras... Read More »

Here’s a good reason to get a dash cam – Preventing Fraud Accidents

Here’s a good reason to get a dash cam – Preventing Fraud AccidentsOne of the best reasons to get a dashboard camera for your car is to protect yourself in case some crazy person purposely runs into your vehicle with the intent to sue you. Check out this gif image of some people who purposely try and get hit by... Read More »