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Well, apparently cameras are one of the most used technological devices today and are basically used in just about anything. In this age when social media is prominent, people just want to take pictures of themselves or anything around them, post them on social media sites or keep them for prosperity’s sake. We use cameras during important gatherings of families and friends, to capture our outdoor adventures, or for any reasons one may have in mind. But aside from these, it actually also makes sense to place cameras on your car.

To some, this idea may be foreign but if you think about it, there are a lot of things that can happen on the road when you are driving. These happenings can range from minor and simple accidents to major ones, which may already involve the loss of lives. You can take a picture of the guy over speeding beside you or the rare car model that happens to be right in front of you. You can also have a record of the guy who violated a lot of the traffic rules. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a camera that can provide us with visual record? This is where Dash Cams become very important. As the name suggests, it is a camera that is placed on your dashboard. This concept of placing a dash cam in their cars has been popular in many countries such as in Russia. The records that we can get may turn out to be invaluable in certain situations. We will provide you with some of the best reasons why dash cams are useful to us.

First, it can protect you against Insurance Fraud. “Crash for cash”, believe it or not is very common nowadays. There are actually many people out there who intentionally try to get hit by an oncoming traffic and get injuries in exchange for an insurance settlement. In fact, it is estimated that the cost for insurance fraud in the USA alone may be as high as 40$ million dollars per year. Don’t you ever think that this is not your concern because you can still be indirectly involved even if you are not a part of the accident. The thing is when auto insurers would mistakenly settle for fraudulent claims; all motorists will still have to pay extra cash of dollars each year because companies have to divide the costs of the claims among their consumers. So how can we protect ourselves from these injustices? The answer is a dash cam. A video taken from the camera can be used to fight insurance fraud. For example, the camera can prove whether scammers purposefully run into traffic so they can be hit by the car, or when they pretend to fall and get up feigning injuries. With evidence from this dash cam, you can actually stand and prove yourself not guilty of the accusations that they may make against you.

Another reason to have these dash cams is to provide parking protection. Would you believe that parking lots or spaces are actually one of the most dangerous places for your car? If you think that nothing can happen in your car while you leave it parked, then guess again. If you leave your car unattended in these parking lots, you have no idea what could happen to it. The car right beside you may scrape your car while it tries to move out, leaving a huge scar on your car door. Though not common, your car could get vandalized by people you do not know. With the use of dash cams, you can have a better way to monitor everything despite your absence. You can capture which car accidentally scraped yours; you can have the face of whoever vandalized your car; or you can even be a good neighbor and provide a visual record of the same things in case the car in front of you is the victim. Thanks to fact that cameras are battery operated with long life span, you can leave the camera on while you park your car so that it can monitor despite your absence. A simple step of placing a dash cam can indeed provide you with tons of protection in cases of unwanted accidents.

kdlink-x1-dash-camYour vehicle may be subjected to any abuse or misuse, and having a dash cam in your car can help to protect you from these. A lot of people take their cars in to an automobile repair shop and expect better performance from their cars after such a service. Most of the time, owners would just leave their cars to their mechanics and return only when everything is done. However, there could be a problem when we leave our cars this way. Some mechanics deliberately exchange good parts of your car with older and cheaper parts. This way, they can sell the exchanged part for a much higher price. Because you were not there to see, you will have no idea that this ever happened and you will continue to think that they actually made a good job out of your car. How do we protect ourselves? Again, the answer is dash cams. The use of these cameras can provide us with a monitoring system to ensure that mechanics are doing what they are supposed to do. Also, getting in car accidents are one of the worst experiences that can happen to any drivers. Despite having good skills in driving, you can still be a victim of car collisions with irresponsible drivers.

When accidents such as collisions do happen, both drivers blame each other and the yelling gets worse as time goes by. Both drivers would start then to call their own lawyers to start a lawsuit. But we want to avoid all this nonsense. With the visual record of dash cams, we can prevent unnecessary post-accident legal headaches by recording what actually happened. As long as you know that what you were doing is appropriate, then you have nothing to fear.

There are different types of drivers. Some want to drive safely as possible while others are more of the reckless type who wants to speed up at any chance they can get. You cannot avoid the fact that you will encounter the latter type of driver every day as you drive. These drivers may over speed even in the restricted zones or these drivers may violate traffic rules. Part of being a responsible driver is to ensure that these types of drivers are reported to proper authorities. This way, the bad driving habits of these people can be corrected and so they can prevent any unwanted future accidents to occur. When there are less abusive drivers, it will be less likely that accidents on the road will occur. So how can we report these drivers? Simple. Again this can be done by submitting visual evidence taken from your dash cam. You can record the driver and the plate number of the car which did not stop even when the traffic lights turned red. You can also record and report drivers who make U-turns despite the large sign saying otherwise. This way, you can make the freeway a better place for you and for everyone else as well.
But aside from recording accidents or mishaps on the road, there are also other ways in which we can use these cameras. Occasionally, we can use these car-ready cameras to capture and record any unbelievable and unexpected footage or display your sheer driving skills.

For example, you can be driving one afternoon and suddenly you noticed that meteors are falling in the sky. With these cameras, you can capture this exact moment. As to the best thing we can do for this footage, well I believe a lot of people would love to watch that on YouTube. Another is when there is a storm brewing and a tree falls and lands on your car. With this damage, you can claim insurance money right? If you have actually captured the exact moment when the tree fell on your car, no need for any delays and you can have your insurance money as fast as you can and save yourself from surcharges. Also, making a video using a dash cam can display your sheer driving skills. Drivers can display how skillful they were in maneuvering their way out of traffic or they can show how they avoided a potentially fatal car accident.

For other people, they also use these dash cams for purposes aside from the ones stated above. For example, some may actually find the records from these cameras useful so that they can further evaluate their driving skills. In short, these dash cams can actually make us all better drivers. Reviewing the records available can help you to correct the usual mistakes that you get from braking too hard, for example, or from switching lanes abruptly. With this, we can be a better driver and by being a better driver, we can have a better and cleaner driving record. You can take the initiative of being the better drivers in the lane by observing proper traffic rules, respecting the rights of both you and the other drivers, and avoiding unnecessary maneuvers that can potentially cause or start unwanted accidents with another driver.

Other parents are also taking full advantage of these dash cams. Before they agree to let their children use their cars, they would install these cameras in the car. This way, they can have the means of monitoring and evaluating how their son or daughter drives. After all, records show that drivers under the age of 25 years old have the highest car insurance rates and this may be attributed to the this age group’s lack of experience behind the wheel. This inexperience can lead to car crashes, collisions, and other accidents that will soon warrant insurance claims. Now parents will have to use these cameras so that they can evaluate how teenagers drive and provide necessary correction or advises so that they can be a better driver next time. Parents can set a time to review the footage taken from the camera and see what can corrected and improved.

This is especially true during the first few months of driving. So whatever the parents can do during this time to make their son’s or daughter’s driving a whole lot safer would be worth the effort. Alternatively, you can install a two-way dash cam which covers both the roads and what’s inside the car. This way, you can see not only how your teen is driving but also check what is going on inside the vehicle while your teen is driving. You can then determine if he or she is really paying attention to the road or is he or she texting or gets easily distracted with the views outside the car. Again, keeping the driving record of your children clean is also a responsibility that all parents must share. Besides this, parents can also have a way to monitor where their son or daughter goes or the places they visit. Wouldn’t this be convenient for parents?

In driving, one of the most important concerns is safety. We want to drive so that we can reach our destinations safe and sound. To achieve this, we can gather the help of electronic devices around us such as the dash cam. This is one good way to evaluate our skills to become a better driver someday. Also, these cameras provide us with protection against common mishaps and abuses that occur on the road. Accidents are common events that can happen and these can range from a simple crash to total car collisions causing a lot of damage. We can never predict when these accidents will occur, but it is best to prepare and better protect ourselves in the event that an accident does happen. The use of Dash Cams in your car is doubtlessly one of the best protections we can get while driving.

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